What I'm Loving.

Happy um....Winter? It sure has felt like it lately.  

Here is what today looks like.

Here's what I'm hoping it doesn't look
like in the next few months.  
Although I know its going to. Boo.

Today isn't all about food, it's about things I'm lovin' on.  I always love catching up on favorite bloggers to get introduced into new things so I thought I would share some of mine with you!

Celebrating Anniversaries with a great date night.  Last weekend, my man and I celebrated two years of being together.  The time together has been exceptional and I'm so looking forward to the future.  We celebrated by visiting Cafe di Scala, an old historian house that was renovated into a romantic restaurant.  I love, love, love this place and its a must-do if you are in the Des Moines area!

We decided to share everything so we didn't
stuff ourselves...and started off with an appetizer of
zucchini cakes with marinara sauce and a light garlic
aioli sauce on the side.

Followed by stuffed chicken with risotto and
brussel sprouts.
Someone else doesn't like brussel sprouts -
so, more for me!

Multiple glasses of Italian beer and
wine may have been consumed.

We totally enjoyed each other's company.
But this picture looks like a little weird.
It looks much better on my phone.
And then, the most important part.  Dessert. 
Have you ever tried Justin's Nut Butter?  You guys, there is peanut butter and almond butter with all these crazy flavors! And now, there is candy out there and.  .  .
Peanut Butter Cups! I saw these recently and since they are his favorite candy, I had to pick some up.

Milk chocolate for him, dark chocolate for her.  
Check out Justin's Site.  You can buy jars or mini packs for travel purposes!

Ok.  Enough about my love life.

Check out these adorable cookies my coworker made last week!  Made me totally love my Wednesdays even more.  

I'm lying.  I've really never liked Wednesdays for some reason but it does change my day when I get to say, "What day is it? Hump Dayyy!"

You can find these cookie cutters on Amazon.
Loved the little Wednesday surprise.
For those of you who have no idea why I laughed my
booty off at these things, watch the
Hump Day and Pothole videos.

Funny how Geico has changed our lives.

Speaking of changing lives: Stitch Fix. It's an obsession that I've given into once, but craving more.  To keep it simple, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  You create a profile with your size, preferences of style, what you may want to "step out of the box" for, and boom.  You pay $20 for a styling fee and 5 items appear in the mail about a week later.  It's like Christmas!!  You can pick and choose - if you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off of your entire order.  I wanted to share this with you and I should have taken more pictures, so I'm sorry I didn't.  I kept 3 out of 5 items.  The best part is, each item comes with a tag of other ideas you can wear it with - so you can pair it up with what you already own!  I am not at home for the weekend otherwise I could show you all three, but here you go! Clearly I love them since I'm rockin' two items this weekend already.

Chevron black and white sweater - pair able with any
color of pants but I preferred to wear it
with leggings and boots.

Wrap-tie gray and navy blue sweater.  
Don't mind the fact that I'm wearing leggings
and boots everyday this weekend.  
I wore this with a coral scarf to the Farmer's Market 
and I stayed pretty warm in the 39 degree weather.  
Although I feel like I should have a pipe in my mouth 
when I wear this, I think its really cute and its so comfy.  
Definite fall-weather wear.

So, whether you browse online at Stitch Fix or sign up, I think you should at least check it out!  You can do a one-time order or subscribe monthly.  I have to watch my budget with that one. :) Perfect for people who are on the go or just want something new in their wardrobe without having to shop.  Have fun!

Last but not least...what warmed my heart recently?

Not only did I try this Chocolate Chai Tea from Starbucks
(isn't the short size just so cute?)
but the customer in front of me paid for it in the drive thru. 

I just love when people take a second to do something for someone else.  It made me stop and realize how good I felt when I pulled up to the window and got my surprise.  Definitely makes you you think more about life.  Remember to spend each moment like its your last.  Tell the people you love, that you love them.  Be a good person.  And do what you love - with no regrets.

"The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of it everyday." - Anon.

Be Healthy, and Stay Healthy.



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