Onward, 2013!

Hello, 2013!!

I have to start out by saying that I just ate a lot of carbs for the first day of 2013.  But it was delicious.  My man and I really got real crazy for New Years Eve last night and started off with a bang this morning.  Here's how it went:

After watching two of our state teams unfortunately bite it with some friends at a local gathering, we went home to relax before the party we had planned on going to...tuning into the weekend long seasons of 24 (Yes 24 fans, you know what I'm talkin' about..)

Man: "This is so relaxing...I would be content just sitting here with you, the dogs, 24, and that's about all I need."
Woman: "I know, I'm feeling the same way.  I think we should go to the party though."

And. An. Hour. Later.

Woman: "Yea...I'd be content like this too. Done and done."

SO, we proceeded to have lovely Bravo cater in for us:

Wine, Food, TV, fireplace, couches and cute doggies were all we needed.  Then, watching the ball drop with champagne, and Funfetti Dip. I promise, we didn't eat all of it....and then clonked out at about 12:45 am.  I told you, we got crazy.

We proceeded to head to our favorite place for a New Years Day breakfast, Mimi's Cafe.  Here's where the carb loading comes in.  I can't tell you the last time I ate pancakes...in fact, I usually get the "Healthy and Fit" meal which is actually quite delicious but sometimes, you just need to indulge.  And, I did.  Check out the Cinnamon Spiced Pancake Breakfast.  I couldn't conquer the whole thing, and I did make some changes.  Egg whites, and fruit for the side instead of the greased up meat.  We thoroughly enjoyed breakfast with some mimosas and bloody marys as well!

The point of today is to focus on starting off on the right foot for 2013.  I hear a lot of people make these goals that they want to "Lose X amount of pounds before their Spring Break trip" or they are "Never eating chocolate again".  The real thing is, make realistic goals for yourself.  Don't plan on doing something that you feel is impossible and then beat yourself up afterwards.  A couple of tips I have for you if you are trying to get on the healthy track:

  • Eat clean food to make yourself feel good.  If you know you are going to feel like crap tomorrow after eating that bag of chips, then don't eat them.  Choose something just as crunchy that will fill you up.
  • Portion control. This goes back to my post around Thanksgiving.  Give yourself legitimate portions of food and wait 20-30 minutes before you decide to go back for seconds.  Your eyes may be hungry, but your stomach may not. A great resource to look at what you should be eating: My Plate.  My Plate gives you information on portions of food you should be eating, healthy recipes, eating on a budget, etc. We used My Plate a lot for my most recent Nutrition class and I really enjoy it.
  • Try something new. Kale? Brussel sprouts? I know it may be scary, but green is not bad for you.  You can load up on nutritious food quite easily and still enjoy it!  Iowa Girl Eats got me hooked on brussel sprouts.  They are  now one of my favorite veggies, and you really can learn how to make different foods by adding easy things like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Salt.  Just some of my favorites to add.
  • Switch up your workout! Do you head to the gym after work every day?  It's typically a very busy time and I can guarantee it will be even busier starting tomorrow, so switch it up, boys and girls!  Go in the morning.  I know, its super hard to get out of bed but...You.Can.Do.It.  Lay your clothes out in the evening, set your alarm, allow yourself some time to wake up, and head on over!  It will be busy then too, but I promise you will feel awesome after rockin' your sweat in the A.M. and having the evening open.  Another way to switch up your workout? Do something different.  Try yoga, swimming, or a spin class.  It may be scary at first but I've really enjoyed broadening my options.
  • Don't Workout? Start some type of physical activity, whether its walking 30 minutes a day outside, or actually joining a gym.  You don't have to be extreme and if you usually aren't a physical person, it will take some time to get into the routine.  Any type of physical activity is shown to:
    • Improve cardiovascular system - When you muscles move, your heart pumps more oxygen.  This gives you training for the rest of your life.
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Decrease stress or depression
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Decrease risk of diseases
    • Keep your body fit!
  • Enjoy Yourself. I will admit, I get down on myself when I don't eat right sometimes.  Usually, I try to eat pretty healthy, but you will have those days that you don't.  And you know what? SO, WHAT? Don't beat yourself up. Sometimes if you do, you may end up eating even worse to kill that pain.  Tomorrow is a brand new day and it's your decision to make changes to make yourself even better than you are today!! 
Thanks to those of you who have supported me with my new adventures in life.  I hope some of these tips can move you towards a better future and outlook.

2012 has been an interesting year, and I'm very ready to start fresh with 2013!  Looking forward to a year filled of fun, good health and happiness with friends and family.  Here's to you and your loved ones.  
Happy New Year!


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