A Little Advice for the Heavy Eating Season

Can you believe its here? The pumpkins are being put away, but the pumpkin pie has been ordered and Christmas lights are up. I don't know about you, but the high today was 60.  Wednesday is calling for a nice 70 degrees - I'll take that any day in November!

As I started planning my week, I wanted to make sure to get a workout in Thanksgiving morning (possibly so I can eat more? Yes.) but also just to feel good!  It will give you some good energy for the rest of the day.  So for those of you who enjoy to jog - find a local Turkey Trot, hit up the gym (most are open for a good part of the morning) or go on a walk to start your day!

As we all say that we won't overeat, I'm definately one to admit that it can happen, more than once. Here are some tips to still enjoy your day with a lot of food in front of you!

  • Drink Water: Start doing this when you wake up.  Drinking water is healthy for you, period.  Maybe put a bit more in your body today - it will help flush your system out.  If your eyes are telling you that you are hungry AGAIN, pour yourself a cup of water and wait 30 minutes to see how you feel.  Add a slice of lemon or fruit to put some extra taste in there!
  • Remember you can always get more: You may want to load your plate up, but try taking a little bit of everything.  Think about how you feel while you are eating and stop when you are satisfied. After you are finished, wait a little bit before you grab another roll or another spoonful of that creamy green been casserole.  It takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize your body doesn't need anymore food.
  • Stay Physical: Enjoy extra time with your loved ones and get outside!  Play some football, take the dogs on a walk or go to the park.  A fresh breath of air and some sunshine will perk up your day.
And most importantly...ENJOY your day!  I do love my sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie!  This year, my family is having a low stress day.  We've ordered in dinner from Hy-Vee and we are adding a couple of sides on our own. Sounds easy peasy to me.  

Check out this Real Simple Article on How to Use Your Leftover Turkey.  I made the Turkey and Corn Enchiladas once and they were awesome!

Please enjoy your holiday this week, football, and some good weather!

Stay Healthy.


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